Under the "Opportunity Meets Preparation" platform, Isa garners a proven track record with collaborations:

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APAHM event at Hollywod Farmers Market celebrating fish sauce in Vietnamese, Lao, and Filipino cuisine.

APAHM event at Hollywod Farmers Market celebrating fish sauce in Vietnamese, Lao, and Filipino cuisine.

No Kid Hungry benefit dinner Santa Monica.

No Kid Hungry benefit dinner Santa Monica.

• TRES MARES Dinner Series: Salo Series, Tselogs, FOB Kitchen, Mestiza Taqueria.

• Dinner and a Mixtape: Kalayaan Kamayan Feast.

• USC Pacific Asia Museum Free Second Sunday: Philippines Cultural Day Chef Conversation and Tasting.

• GUEST CHEF BURGER NIGHT: Chef Isa’s KARE-KARE burger with SPREAD THE LOVE peanut butter and YANA’s atchara.

• LOS ANGELES ASIAN PACIFIC FILM FESTIVAL: Opening Night and world premiere Yellow Rose film.

• SUNDAY JUMP + NOT A CULT MEDIA: Word Choice community and cultural event in Historic Filipinotown.

• NO KID HUNGRY + SHARE OUR STRENGTH:  Los Angeles Dinner with chefs Kevin Meehan, Zach Pollack, Courtney Storer , Ray Garcia, Hans Rockenwagner, Miles Thompson, Sang Yoon, Brooke Williamson, Shannon Swindle, Christina Tosi, Lisa Vega.


• Guest chef KCRW Good Food podcast, various episodes.

• ASIAN AFFINITY GROUP + REED SMITH LLP:  An Afternoon with Merienda and Kapeng Barako.

• LA FOOD BOWL + KCRW Good Food: Annual KCRW Good Food Pie Contest Judge and Live Demo.

• LA FOOD BOWL + FEASTLY LA Dinner Series:  A CADRE OF COOKS with Geovani Mialma and Stephen Barkulis.

• LA FOOD BOWL + RED BOAT FISH SAUCE:  An Exploration of Fish Sauce with Diep Tran and Saeng Douangdara.

LATTC guest chef.

LATTC guest chef.

• Sponsored presenter Nestle/Minor's for Maggi Spicy Seasoning: Bicol Express.

Scoops Ice Cream Sundae Pies.

• consultant Smitten Ice Cream Filipino inspired flavors.

• Brand Ambassador for Hedley & Bennett, Polka Pants, Keep Company.

• Guest Chef LATTC.

SIPA Pinay Empowerment Brunch.

SIPA Pinay Empowerment Brunch.

• chef and co-organizer LA TIMES Food Bowl FILIPINO FOOD FRIDAYS

• consultant TAO Group (Luchini Pizzeria and Bar

•SIPA Pinay Empowerment Brunch

• DOYENNE for Life & Thyme

• AMBOY at Night Dinner Series with Alvin Cailan

• chef and co-organizer Bento Box Entertainment: Ten Days of Burgers (featuring Lasa, Badmaash, Wexler's Deli, Nomad Truck) 

• FEAST Portland Dinner Series with Twisted FilipinoMagna PDX, Wild Rice Boys, Westward Whiskey, Smith Tea Maker

• consultant Jeremy Fall (Nighthawk, Tinfoil, Easy's Burgers)